Tax Problem: IRS Audit

An IRS Tax Audit can be one of the scariest situations a person or business can face. Often times the IRS has a distinct advantage because the average person doesn’t know enough tax law to defend him/herself against an audit.

What is an audit?

Taxpayers across the country are highly afraid of being audited by the IRS for a considerably good reason; a tax audit is a procedure where the Internal Revenue Service tries to confirm the numbers that you've put on your tax return. Almost all taxpayers become confused when it comes to an IRS audit. Many individuals are unsure of what an audit actually is. It is based upon a personal audit or a business tax audit. There are different types of IRS auditing methods:

  • Correspondence / Mail-away Audit
  • Office Audit
  • Field Audit

Reasons why you should not handle an audit on your own:

There are several reasons why you should never handle an IRS audit on your own. The IRS always has an advantage, due to the fact that the average taxpayer lacks adequate knowledge of tax laws to defend themselves against the IRS.

Do you know your tax audit rights? Did you know that just because you received notice for one year that the IRS is probably going to look into more than that particular year? Are you prepared? Do not let the stress of an audit give you sleepless nights! WE CAN HELP....FIND OUT HOW. CALL US TODAY!

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