Our Solution: IRS Audit Representation

Have you received an IRS audit notice? While millions of taxpayers are audited every year, the concept that the IRS would like to take a closer look at your taxes can be nerve-wracking.

Even taxpayers that have nothing to worry about because they have filed their taxes in a timely and honest manner may be frightened of an IRS audit. Keep in mind; the chance is good that your number just happened to be picked.

Sometimes there is no reason as to who gets selected. And you don’t really have a choice; you are pretty much forced to comply. If you are facing an IRS audit, it’s probably one of three types:

* Office Audit
* Correspondence Audit
* At-Home Audit

Tax Relief Providers professional tax specialist can assist in:

* Verifying all the facts
* Verifying we have a clear timetable to respond
* Verifying YOU DO NOT fight this alone

Regardless if you are unsure what triggered an audit or believe you are innocent. Do not fight this alone!

Our professional staff is experienced and dedicated to the time consuming effort that the IRS will put us through. Your taxpayer rights are of the utmost importance to us.

We know you are not a criminal and you should not be treated as such. We understand your rights and will outline a plan that protects you and satisfies the IRS desire to come to a successful conclusion.

Tax Relief Providers will handle the audit for YOU and we will have your case prepared and positioned to give you the protection you deserve. We know your rights and you have nothing to fear. If paperwork is missing we will help you put together all the documentary evidence you will need to come out of your tax audit successfully.

It is important to know that most audits can be made correspondence audits, so that there is no need to appear. That allows us to handle case across the nation regardless of your location.

You can speak in confidence about your case with us. We are experts in resolving IRS  audits. Remember the IRS are professionals and YOU need a professional on your side!

Let Tax Relief Providers help YOU. We can make sure you are filling out all your paperwork completely and accurately, which is an essential step to the audit process.